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Wow Brows Studio offers a new way to get perfect eyebrows with an innovative eyebrow service. Our patented technology helps you get perfectly shaped, sculpted, and filled-in brows that last weeks instead of hours. We prefer using only the highest quality products, and our experienced professionals will ensure you feel beautiful!

We specialize in the following:

Soft powder brows

It is a style of eyebrow enhancement that creates a more natural look than other methods. The technique uses very soft, almost sheer pigment, which is applied with delicate strokes to mimic the appearance of real, powdered brow hairs.

3D hair strokes

It is a semi-permanent makeup technique that prefers using a handheld tool for depositing pigment into the skin with strokes resembling natural eyebrow hairs.


Microblading refers to the semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing technique used to create the appearance of thicker and fuller eyebrows.

Omre brows

Ombre Brows, sometimes called Powdered Brows, is an eyebrow styling technique that creates a soft, shaded look akin to penciling in the eyebrows.

Combo brow

Combo brows combine microblading and powder shading that provides the most natural-looking result. It mimics realistic hair strokes by using a very fine blade useful in depositing pigment into the skin while utilizing a soft shading effect to add depth, creating beautiful ombre eyebrows.



Natural-Looking Results
Long Lasting
Low Maintenance

Are You Tired Of Having To Shape And Fill Your Eyebrows Every Morning?

Spend less time in front of the mirror each day by professionally completing your brows at Wow Brows Studio. Imagine waking up with perfectly shaped, defined eyebrows that look amazing all week! No more spending time filling in sparse areas or trying to redraw what was wiped away overnight - our treatment will keep your brows looking beautiful for much longer.


FAQs on eyebrow services

We offer a wide range of eyebrow services, including Omre brows, 3D hair strokes, Soft powder brows, Combo brows, and microblading.
The time needed for each eyebrow service varies, but typically the process can take 10-30 minutes.
Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing procedure that uses minute needles to deposit stains into the skin to create natural-looking, fuller, symmetrical eyebrows.
An eyebrow service's longevity depends on the service you receive. Generally, waxing and threading will last up to 3-6 weeks, while tinting typically lasts between 4-6 weeks. Microblading results can last up to 1 year with proper aftercare.

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New Mood Studio
Mengi Jacobs did an amazing job doing my lashes! She listens and delivers. The place is clean and well-kept so you’d feel comfortable during the whole process. I think one of the most common issues of eyelash extensions is retention. I’m so happy that New Mood Studio uses adhesive that makes the eyelashes stay longer (of course, with proper aftercare). And I tend to have oily skin. I’m so impressed and would definitely come back. I highly recommend this place. 5 stars!
Ella Bautista
Ella Bautista
my wife is very happy, she shines with happiness and has become irresistible
Husan Raupov
Husan Raupov
A+++ You will not be disappointed. Went for brow lamination and lash lift. Worth every penny. Will be returning. 🤗
Thank you Anastasia I love my eyelashes
Kayla Preuss
Kayla Preuss
Pretty and delicate volume lashes
Melissa Carino
Melissa Carino
Mengi was amazing! I love my lashes , she did exactly what I asked for. You can really tell they care about their clients and making sure you're 100% satisfied
Melanie Marie
Melanie Marie
I love the service. With it being my first time, both ladies made me feel so relaxed. I’ve enjoyed the whole vibe of place. Both ladies are very professional and sweet. When they say relax to where you can nap.. yes I did.. lol so peaceful and serene. Loved it. Have a customer for life. Most definitely recommend highly☺️🙂🥰
rissa r
rissa r
Mendji is a goddess! Her art at lashes extensions is immaculate. Her care and precision is the reason why the lashes look so natural and long lasting. Her new studio it’s beautiful! Intimate and inviting. Great location in downtown Kissimmee. Highly recommend. 💖
Neri Becca Queenie Kentish
Neri Becca Queenie Kentish
I had Mengi and she does an incredible job! She listens to exactly what you want and then gives you the eyelashes of your dreams, and its very consistent work. I would highly highly recommend!!
Alexandra Stephan
Alexandra Stephan
I loved my lashes. recommended
Andrea Perez
Andrea Perez