Lip Blush to Beautify Your Lips

Wow Brows Studio offers permanent Lip Blush - a special type of tinting and micro stroking that can give lips a fuller, plumper, and more defined look. Plus, the color pigments are specially formulated for sensitive skin. So forget about faded colors after one day and say hello to beautiful luscious lips all week long!

Are You Tired Of Having To Re-Apply Your Lipstick Every Day?

Get ready to go from lip fussing to feeling fabulous with our expertly applied Lip Blush treatments that leave you looking your best while preserving your lip's natural beauty. And there's no need for painful lip injections or surgeries – just easy maintenance afterward!

We Specialize In The Following:

Natural lip blush –

Natural lip blush is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that enhances lips' natural shape and color. During this technique, a pigment is applied to the lips' surface, adding depth and definition.

Lipstick effect –

Do you wish to experience the difference in lipstick effect? This technique will provide an intensified hue and a more precise outline, creating the illusion of continuously wearing lipstick.

Perfect contour –

The procedure involves adding a soft blush shade to your lips, using either feathering or shading techniques. This creates a smoother, more subtle look than traditional lip tattoos.

This amazing treatment will give you gorgeous lips and complete confidence. Enjoy beautiful results that last up to two years! Our special formula is designed for brilliant color payoff and enhanced with antioxidants and minerals that help keep your lips healthy and hydrated. It's time for you to express yourself in vibrant colors!



Natural Look
Long Lasting Color
Natural Enhancements

Whether you wish for a subtle hint of shade or something more dramatic, our trained artists will use specially designed pigments to customize natural dyes for every skin tone.


FAQs on Lip blush

The procedure is generally not considered painful as most technicians use topical numbing agents to reduce discomfort.
It is important to consult with your technician before the procedure and explain what results you would like to achieve. Additionally, follow your technician's pre-care instructions to ensure the best results.
It is recommended to avoid putting on makeup or touching your lips for at least 24 hours following the treatment. Additionally, avoid sun exposure and drink plenty of water to help keep your lip color looking vibrant.
The most common risks associated with Lip Blush treatments are infection, pigmentation changes, and allergic reactions. It is important to follow aftercare instructions closely to reduce the risk of these side effects. Additionally, it is best to consult with a certified technician for the procedure.

Please book an appointment with us and start your journey toward perfect pouty kisses!

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New Mood Studio
Mengi Jacobs did an amazing job doing my lashes! She listens and delivers. The place is clean and well-kept so you’d feel comfortable during the whole process. I think one of the most common issues of eyelash extensions is retention. I’m so happy that New Mood Studio uses adhesive that makes the eyelashes stay longer (of course, with proper aftercare). And I tend to have oily skin. I’m so impressed and would definitely come back. I highly recommend this place. 5 stars!
Ella Bautista
Ella Bautista
my wife is very happy, she shines with happiness and has become irresistible
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Husan Raupov
A+++ You will not be disappointed. Went for brow lamination and lash lift. Worth every penny. Will be returning. 🤗
Thank you Anastasia I love my eyelashes
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Kayla Preuss
Pretty and delicate volume lashes
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Melissa Carino
Mengi was amazing! I love my lashes , she did exactly what I asked for. You can really tell they care about their clients and making sure you're 100% satisfied
Melanie Marie
Melanie Marie
I love the service. With it being my first time, both ladies made me feel so relaxed. I’ve enjoyed the whole vibe of place. Both ladies are very professional and sweet. When they say relax to where you can nap.. yes I did.. lol so peaceful and serene. Loved it. Have a customer for life. Most definitely recommend highly☺️🙂🥰
rissa r
rissa r
Mendji is a goddess! Her art at lashes extensions is immaculate. Her care and precision is the reason why the lashes look so natural and long lasting. Her new studio it’s beautiful! Intimate and inviting. Great location in downtown Kissimmee. Highly recommend. 💖
Neri Becca Queenie Kentish
Neri Becca Queenie Kentish
I had Mengi and she does an incredible job! She listens to exactly what you want and then gives you the eyelashes of your dreams, and its very consistent work. I would highly highly recommend!!
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Alexandra Stephan
I loved my lashes. recommended
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